A Prayer for the Quarantined Heart


Hello there, dear reader, and welcome to day 3,172 of quarantine (or something like that).

I’m guessing you, like me, have learned a lot during this time. What’s important. What’s not. Things you miss. Things you don’t plan on going back to when life settles into “normal” again.

One big insight I’ve had personally is that, when it comes to the fight, flight, or freeze mechanism, I am a total freezer. Like one of those little lizards in some far off land, seeking to escape harm, I just freeze right up.

And for me, I’ve noticed an unpleasant side effect of such a response: my heart has a tendency to grow numb, cold, and out of touch. The pain and challenging reality in our country and world right now threaten to overwhelm my fragile soul.

If that’s you too, here is a prayer filled with encouraging scripture to help guide our hearts back to softness and grace. I’ve been praying these scriptures for the past several weeks, and God is so gracious to hear and answer our cry!

I pray this blesses you today, wherever life finds you in this topsy-turvy time.

With Grace,



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A Prayer for the Quarantined Heart


Dear Heavenly Father,

Oh Lord, how our hearts cry to You in this unprecedented time of uncertainty and upheaval. We give You praise and thanks that though our world has changed, You never change (Malachi 3:6; Hebrews 13:8).

We take rest in knowing that You stand above all earthly rulers and leaders (Isaiah 40:22-23), and that Your good and gracious purposes will not be thwarted (Job 42:2).

Father, I confess the tendency of my heart to grow hard and turn inward in these times of trouble. I humbly ask that You would search my heart and reveal the hardness that needs removing, that I might follow after You (Psalm 139:23-24).

When I feel frozen and numb, remind me that Your Spirit in me infuses my soul with life (John 6:63). Thank you that even when the days are dark, I do not walk in darkness. I am a child of Your light (1 Thessalonians 5:5).

Father, You know all the fear that clouds my heart and mind, and threatens to take over my entire being some days. Thank You for giving me a Spirit of power, love, and self-control in place of a spirit of fear (2 Timothy 1:7). I ask that You would help me walk in this truth today.

When I am worried about having enough, remind me that You are the God who sees me (Genesis 16:13) and the God who provides for me, no matter the circumstances (Genesis 22:14). Grant me strength to rest in the provision of Your daily bread—it is all I truly need (Matthew 6:11).

Father, when I am feeling weak and exhausted, lift my head and remind me that You are the source of my help (Psalm 121:1-2). You are my refuge and strength, my helper in these difficult days (Psalm 46:1-2).

Jesus, soften my heart when cynicism clouds my judgment. As I look to You, fill me with Your love for others, that I might fulfill Your greatest call on my life (Matthew 22:37-39). Grant me Your eyes to see others with Your love, that I might live a life of generosity (1 Timothy 6:18-19).

Lord, we ask for Your protection over our families and loved ones. And we give You great praise that no matter what befalls us on this earth, You will protect, deliver, and restore our souls from evil and harm (Psalm 91).

Thank you for Your promise to work all things together for our good (Romans 8:28). In faith, we cling to this truth and will choose to give thanks for this day (1 Thessalonians 5:18).

May we come to know and love You even more in this season of difficulty.

In Jesus’ Name,



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  • Hazel Dixon says:

    Thank you Meredith for this needful prayer. We bought a hamburger and met a friend at the river for a while. We are all feeling the stress right now, but we serve an awesome God.Saw Terrell at Red Barn the other day. He looks good and I must say he looks just like his son. Love you all.

    • So glad to hear you are finding ways to get out and enjoy the slower pace of life now, even in the midst of the added stress. It’s a lot! And yes, thank goodness we serve an awesome God! Glad you had a chance to see Terral, it is amazing how much he and Aaron resemble one another! Blessings and love to you!

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