Are You Finding the Beauty in Your Limitations?


Hey there, dear one!

What comes to mind when you hear the word limitations? If you’re anything like me, my first thought is usually “ugh!!”

Something innate in us balks at limits–a reality that’s only been exacerbated by our you can do anything culture.

And while I’m all for positive thinking, the fact remains: every day, we run up against limits in our bodies, relationships, work, and talents. So what’s a Jesus-loving gal to do?

Today, I’m sharing some words of encouragement over at Proverbs 31 Ministries about how we can find the beauty in our limitations–and even learn to thrive because of them. You can check it out HERE!

And because Scripture is one of our most powerful tools, I’ve put together a new free resource that I’m excited about! It’s a quick-reference guide called 20 Scriptures to Pray Over Your Limitations. This guide is packed with Bible verses that you can pray specifically over various struggles you might be facing in your relationships, work, health, and more!

Grab your copy at the link below:

20 Scriptures to Pray Over Your Limitations

God’s with us, my friend, and He’s able to work His redemptive power through even our hardest, most challenging limitations! The question is, will we let Him? Today, I’m saying a prayer that you and I will have the courage to do just that.

With Grace,



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