But I Don’t Want to Die to Self!


Hey there, friend!

Do you ever have trouble implementing the whole “dying to self” principle?

Ok, that was a silly question. Of course, you do! As do I.

It’s a part of our human condition. As Believers, we all love the reality of being born again into His family … but we’re less quick to accept the flip side: that we must die to ourselves in the process.

Today, I’m sharing some words of encouragement and hope over at Proverbs 31 Ministries, especially for those days when you just don’t feel like laying down your rights. You can read the devotion HERE!

I’ve also put together a new resource for you (and, let’s be honest, for myself too–because I need it!): A Practical Guide to Less-Self Living: 5 Days of Reflection.

This guide is packed with 5 days of Scripture, reflection thoughts and questions, and practical steps you can begin taking today to lay down your rights and love others well! Grab your copy below:

A Practical Guide to Less-Self Living

I’m grateful for you, dear one. Thank you for reading along with me as you grow in faith. We’re in this together!

With Grace,





  • Cheryl Haack says:

    Thank you Meredith for the honest and gritty truth about dying to self. I’m so encouraged to hear you tell it the way it is…or isn’t easy in this case. I have struggled with anger issues over my rights for many years. I believe it stems from an abusive childhood where the children’s opinions weren’t valued. The beautiful truth is that Jesus will always listen to us and values our thoughts. Continue your good work!

    • Cheryl, I am so glad this resonated with and encouraged you! Phew, it is not easy at all, my friend. I am so sorry for the abusive childhood you experienced–but I love seeing how Jesus is working His truth and redemption in your heart! Keep running after Him, my friend! <3

  • Amy says:

    I tried to enter my email for the download but I continue to get an error message about a legitimate email

  • Amy says:

    Thank you. It just won’t accept my email. amy.ditty@gmail.com

  • Debora says:

    Thank you so much for the devotional and the guide. Grateful that you share your God given wisdom with us. In Jesus name Amen

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