Thriving in a Sifting Season


Hello, dear reader!

I’ve been a little quiet this summer, but today, I’m honored to be writing over at Proverbs 31 Ministries. You can check out my devotion, 3 Ways to Stay Faithful in a Sifting Season by clicking HERE!

As part of this devotion, I’m excited to bring you a new free download, “Sifting Season Truth Cards.” These cards are full of quick-reference truth and scripture–two things we desperately need when we’re going through a dry, sifting season! Grab your copy below:

Sifting Season Truth Cards

Sifting seasons are near and dear to my heart, seeing as I’ve been through them at several points in my life–and one in recent years. As this summer draws to a close and my kiddos prepare for school to begin this week, I’ve been thinking a lot about seasons. And God has faithfully reminded me of this truth: seasons always change.

We don’t doubt this truth when it comes to our physical seasons. But if you’re anything like me, when life lands you deep in the middle of winter, a part of you fears it will never end.

Sweet friend, if you’re in a difficult season today, let me remind you: your season of hardship will not last forever. You will come out of your sifting season–and even better for it! For more, check out today’s devotion, and I pray it encourages you to keep persevering in trust and hope. Better days are coming!

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  • Hazel dixon says:

    Thank you Meredith for this devotion. With having to place my precious husband in the nursing home,I feel the heavy mountain on my shoulders right now. I was not able to take care of him anymore but I feel like I have let him and my savior down. I keep reminding myself,God will walk me through this,but right now I am struggling. Love you in Christ,my sister.

    • Hazel, I am lifting you up in prayer right now, sweet friend. I know that is such a hard decision to make – but you are taking beautiful care of him, and God sees your loving, caring heart! I’m asking Him to comfort and strengthen you–you are loved, dear one. Many blessings to you!

  • Love Sweet Meredith!He does not leave us in the valley of shadow of death….he takes us THROUGH the valley of shadow of death. Seasons….great work Meredith!

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