What Filter Are You Using?


Hey there, dear one.

In our world of social media, Snapchat, and photoshop, we pretty much can’t escape filters. And while sometimes they just add a little harmless fun, other times they can seriously distort what we see–and consequently, what we think about what we see.

The same principle rings true for our spiritual lives. As we look at the day, week, month, or year ahead, what filter will we apply? Too often, I’m guilty of applying a filter of fear, one that views the future through all the potential “what ifs.”

No surprise, that filter leads to a dark and hopeless place. No thank you.

But we can learn to apply a filter that’s grounded in God’s good promises and His unshakeable character. And it leads us straight out of the dark into a place of life and hope!

Today, I’m sharing some words of encouragement over at Proverbs 31 Ministries. If you’re ready for a new filter for your future, check out the devotion HERE.

Be encouraged, sweet friend, even now your Heavenly Father is carving a new way for you!

With Grace,



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